Richard is  available to offer Key Note Presentations and Addresses including his presentation  "What I learned from having a Heart Bypass in my 40's" 

 I am a communicator, marketer, salesman, people coach, yogi, husband and dad. I have sales,public relations, marketing, and communications experience in both the Corporate,Not for Profit and Health, Disability & Education and Wine sectors. My roles have been a mix of selling, day to day operational decision making and strategic thinking and execution, from 5 year communication plans to Press releases and issues advice. 

People tell me I am good at :

Reading Situations and Understanding People's Motives

Analysis & writing (particularly summaries and commentaries)

Presenting information and Public Speaking

That I have :

A good sense of humour, interpersonal skills, honesty, integrity 

That I am :

Insightful, accurate, practical, focussed, trustworthy and understand and maintain confidences

My work in Communications is about writing, planning and execution, strategies. press releases, annual reports, media relations, brand management and brand reputation. I have written 3 E- books.

 I have a BA (Hons) in Business studies (Marketing) and a Graduate Diploma in Business (Communications Management) from Massey

My coaching work is harder to define. If I were a Tennis coach, people would understand better “Ah, you help people improve their tennis game”. Yes, and what I do is help people find clarity and purpose in life.Most people  have stopped reading by now. Because they assume, that if they ‘need a Coach’ then there must be something ‘lacking’ about them. They must be unable to cope or deal with life.

Well, that’s not the case at all. I simply help people see what their destiny is, help them remove barriers, help them see that the barriers they have created are just made up stories, help them perform better, just as a tennis coach would.

If you think I can help, feel free to  contact me:,
0275 889 700

Services Offered:

Writing,Creative writing,Column Writing


Speech Writing,Public Speaking 

Corporate/Senior Management Coaching and Facilitation

MC and Conference Work

 Transformational Coaching 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)





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