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Life after a Bypass

That a big Fat Lie Richard

That a big Fat Lie Richard

 This is my story - my bypass - my Journey. I wrote it to help other people in a similar situation and to help their families understand what can be going on for someone facing and living with a CABG bypass. I hope it helps.



 A reveiw of my book on Amazon

What a very thoughtful and I must say useful little book this is! I must tell you that from a personal point of view, this book grabbed me from the first paragraph. This entire book consists of one man's experiences prior to, during and after his bypass surgery. Of course I made an instant connection with the author's story as his tale is almost precisely like the one I could tell.

I too, at the age of 45 had bypass surgery performed. Like the author I was and am a product of my genetics. I shared with him having a rather high pressure job and what is obviously a "type A" personality. There were a couple of differences in our life styles but the end results were the same. I had recently retired from the military and was still an active distance runner and weight lifter. While the author was not a health care professional, I was. While I was in complete and absolute denial that something was "wrong," and it took a heart attack while I was running to get me to the doctor, the author after some sputtering about, took much quicker action than I did - it seems he was a bit more pragmatic and realistic than I was.

I can tell you right now that Richard Blakeborough is spot on with his observations and analysis of reactions as he made his journey through this life changing experience. Right from the first Mr. Blakeborough states that he is not a health care professional in any way nor is he trying to write like Tolstoy or Rowling. This is merely a record of his adventure told in plane and simple words. (I will tell you though that the author is a bit modest here as I found is writing skills quite up to the task; even though he is a New Zealander and I was constantly having to translate his word into normal American...just kidding).

Other than the fact that here in America we do not have to go on a waiting list for such surgery the health care system in New Zealand seems to be almost identical to ours. I was fortunate to have great health care insurance and the entire process did not cost me a dime. The author was not as lucky.

But the important thing the author has to offer here is his account of his recovery period. It is difficult to explain to those that have never had this particular operation as to just what it does to the mind and body. There is the depression, lethargy, lack of motivation, apathy, strange crying spells, fear, general necessary life style changes (did I mention depression?), sudden loss of sexual drive, worry, and yes, anger. You feel terribly alone - a lot like a lost child in a strange land. Mr. Blakeborough has discussed these matters in an extremely frank way. He does not throw about obscure and abstract medical terms and concepts; no, he just tells it like it is.

I would highly recommend this work to anyone that has recently undergone by-pass surgery and just as importantly I recommend it to members of their family. As a matter of fact, if you own a Kindle or other reading machine I would recommend down loading it even if you are not in the two categories mentioned. Chances are quite good you will be in one of those categories, or at least have friends who are. There is much good down to earth and helpful information found here.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

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